Welcome to my website. Please take a minute to slice and dice your way to my heart and life’s work. Happy digging! I’ve included some fun pics below!

Blood and Guts,

Daniel P. Coughlin

Ditch Day Massacre

Early artwork form my film Ditch Day Massacre

Burbank Film Festival

We won Best Horror Feature at the Burbank International Film Festival!

George Bessudo & Daniel P. Coughlin - Lake Dead

Me and director George Bessudo on the set of Lake Dead

George and Trevor - Lake Dead

George Bessudo directing redneck murderers on the set of Lake Dead

Jamie & Marshal Allman

My brother and I hanging out with film and television stars Jamie Ann and Marshal Allman at the wrap party of my film Farmhouse. That’s publicist Terrance Gillam photo bombing.

Kelly Hu - Farmhouse

The amazing Kelly Hu (X-Men 2, Scorpion King, Friday the 13th 8), William Lee Scot (Pearl Harbor, Identity, The Magnificent Seven), Jason Hice and me hanging out between scenes on the set of Farmhouse.

Steven Weber - Farmhouse

Hanging out with Steven Weber (Wings, Single White Female, House of Lies) on the set of Farmhouse.

Rob Cordry

Rob Cordry making jokes behind the scenes of Warm Bodies

Bill Oberst Jr.

Horror icon and star my film Ditch Day Massacre hanging out between takes.

Freddy Krueger

Just happened to run into Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) on the beach.

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