A local landmark BBQ stand becomes the focus of a dogged investigation by the tenacious new female deputy when she realizes that multiple people have gone missing from the small town. She teams up with one of the town locals whose family disappeared 30 years before; and it becomes quickly evident that they might not be able to trust anyone else in town as bloody mayhem ensues.

Ditch Day Massacre – When Jenny Bilson ditches school and throws a party she doesn’t expect an uninvited maniac with axe to show up and now she must confront her past in order to survive.

There’s Hell to Pay for Cutting Class



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Farmhouse – When Chad and Scarlet’s car breaks down while they drive from San Diego to Seattle they knock on an isolated farmer’s door only to be invited to a night of hell.

Hell is a Place on Earth



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Lake Dead – When three sisters inherit a motel they don’t expect inbred maniacs to join the party and now they’ll fight for their lives.

Blood is Thicker than Water

Lake Dead


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Diary of a Psychopath

Diary of a PsychopathDiaryofaPsychopath2

Watch the Short Version:

A young psychopath chronicles the stalk, the hunt and the kill of his first victim.

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